Donut Pit

Up In Smoke Donut Pit

Sponsored by Sac Speed Shop

In 2018 Holley brought the Side Show/Donut Pit to Vegas at LS Fest West.  A donut pit was built, professional safety precautions were in place and the party went down!  It grew in 2019 before 2020 pumped the brakes a little.  2021 will be back and bigger than ever with the Sac Speed Shop crew building it up!  More cars will be on site roasting their tires for the fun of it and showing the crowd their skills behind the wheel.  We’ll be running a late pit session into the evening Saturday!

Automotive DOT or Snell helmet is REQUIRED, so plan accordingly.  No motorcycle helmets.  All batteries should be secured and no loose items should be in the vehicle.

Preregister for the Donut Pit at the link below.

There will be a tire changer for those who end up needing to install a fresh set to continue their donut pit, drifting, or drag racing efforts through the course of the weekend.  A small fee will apply. Racer will be responsible for their old tires.

Registration coming soon!