Donut Pit


UPDATE 4/2/2021: Due to social distancing requirements in Nevada, the Donut Pit event segment for LS Fest West is being postponed until 2022. Our event team worked through a number of scenarios, giving our best efforts to make the Donut Pit happen. However, current restrictions made it impossible to provide enough access and visibility, making it difficult to deliver an enjoyable experience for all.

In the end, LS Fest West is a super rad event and we weren’t comfortable putting on a Donut Pit production that left most of the fans out of the party. Donut Pit will be back and better than ever in 2022!

In the meantime we are:

  • Refunding everyone who had a Donut Pit registration
  • Converting those packages over to Car Show registrations because we still want fans to come to the show on us and have a great time! That’s right, those who had donut pit packages for 2021 are able to attend for free.
  • Lastly, we’re working with Alex @ Sac Speed to bring out a limited number of Donut Pit participants for an exhibition to take place in the autocross/drift area at certain times during the weekend. We’re working on adapting the schedule for that right now and will share that soon.

Up In Smoke Donut Pit

Sponsored by Sac Speed Shop

In 2018 Holley brought the Side Show/Donut Pit to Vegas at LS Fest West.  A donut pit was built, professional safety precautions were in place and the party went down!  It grew in 2019 before 2020 pumped the brakes a little. For 2021 we are excited to return to Las Vegas Motor Speedway and roast more tires with Sac Speed Shop and the rest of the crew!  Cars and trucks will be onsite spinning up their LS motors and burning down their tires for the fun of it and showing the crowd their skills behind the wheel.  We’ll be running a late pit session into the evening Saturday!

UPDATE: FOR 2021, HOLLEY WILL NOT BE PROVIDING COURTESY LOANER HELMETS DUE TO SANITIZATION CONCERNS. Automotive DOT or Snell helmets are REQUIRED, so plan accordingly.  No motorcycle helmets are allowed.  All batteries should be secured and no loose items should be in the vehicle.

Preregister for the Donut Pit at the link below.

There will be a tire changer for those who end up needing to install a fresh set to continue their donut pit, drifting, or drag racing efforts through the course of the weekend.  A small fee will apply. Racer will be responsible for their old tires.

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