Burnout Contest

The most accurate way to test your own Redneck Science projects is always a burnout.

The only thing better is competing to see who can do it better! Join us for Westen Champlin’s Burnout Rodeo at the 2nd ever-LS Fest Texas! This year Westen will be accompanied by his co-host Lacy Blair! Each contender will be given 60 seconds to win the crowd over with the wildest, loudest, and smokiest burnout they can do. Think you’ve got the winning formula? Simply select “Yes” on your Event Registration and make sure you’ve reviewed the

Burnout Challenge Rules.

If you miss your chance to register, there is still a backup list in case a spot opens up.Keep an eye on the Alternate Sign-Up Sheet at the Holley Trailer in the Vendor Midway! 

***You must be a registered LS Fest Participant in order to compete***