The LS Fest Road Course Time Attack places racers on track at NCM Motorsports Park in a competition for the fastest lap time. This segment was created for those hardcore track rats who are looking for constant lapping to hone their skills. Lapping will take place on the two-mile-long West Course. The goal is five 20 minute sessions per day per driver. Cars will be grouped by skill level and instructors will be on-site for novice drivers. This event segment is sanctioned by the USCA (Ultimate Street Car Association) whose primary purpose is safety, learning, and fun. The Road Course Challenge is open to any make and model of vehicle as long as it is powered by a GM LS (or current generation LT) engine. The segment will be timed and various prizes will be awarded to each run group (novice, intermediate, and expert).

The Road Course Challenge will be run on the first two days of Holley LS Fest, Friday and Saturday. Road Course Challenge participants are encouraged to check out the rest of the Holley LS Fest activities that continue through Sunday at Beech Bend Raceway in Bowling Green which include drag racing, 3S Challenge, drifting, dyno challenge, car show and vendor midway.

Road Course Time Attack Rules

Road Course Time Attack Self Tech Form

Please be mindful of the NCM Motorsports Park Track Policies and Procedures.

The Time Attack is a high-speed on-track event testing driver skill and car handling characteristics. Vehicles will run in groups of 12-15 cars on track simultaneously. The Race Director will have complete discretion to determine run groups and the number of run sessions.

  1. Only the registered participant may drive the vehicle.
  2. Each segment of the event will be timed to 0.00.00. There is no maximum number of laps. Winners will be the vehicles with the lowest time.
  3. No passengers will be allowed during any portion of the Road Course time trial.
  4. Helmet use is required (SA2015 or newer) for all drivers. The road course design will permit speed in excess of 100 MPH. Drivers must provide their own helmets – motorcycle helmets will not be allowed.
  5. SAFETY GEAR requirements: Helmets, long sleeves, long pants, close-toed shoes, and fire-resistant gloves are required for all drivers. The use of fire suits is highly recommended.
  6. Each lap of the event will be timed to 0.00.00. There is no maximum number of laps. Winners will be the vehicles with the lowest time.
  7. Participants that go four wheels off or fail to navigate the course properly may be asked to leave the competition.
  8. Race director and event organizers will have COMPLETE discretion to deny or remove from competition anyone in the event for any reason.
  9. The road course will not be run during inclement weather and will be determined at the event organizer’s discretion.