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Important notice for all drag racers!

Following is a Link to the general information and safety requirements for ET Breakdown.

IMPORTANT NOTE: 2008 and newer stock interior cars can go 10.00 and slower with no cage/roll bar

LS fest Drag Racing ET Breakdown

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This is where some of the quickest and fastest cars in the country can be found – side-by-side competition on 1320 feet of asphalt. Experience the ground pounding action from the popular drag radial classes all the way to our 10.5 Warrior Class. Don’t forget to check out the $10,000 N/T Shootout as well, an 1/8th mile heads up style race with some of the fastest LS-powered cars around! Join us during LS Fest and unleash your LS or current generation LT powered beast on one of the Midwest’s most famous tracks.

Torq Storm

COPO Battle At The Green

COPO Camaros come straight from GM with an LS engine ready to race! They also come with Holley EFI, Holley intakes and Earl’s coolers, so we wanted to add a COPO Camaro class to the Holley LS Fest! Bring yours or be in the stands to watch one of the baddest factory muscle cars of all times!

Class Rules

Grudge Test-N-Tune

This is a no-payout class focused on keeping fun at a premium. It is perfect for those looking for a fun-run style class just like they have at their home track. Team up against a friend or race against yourself and the clock. Perhaps your car isn’t competitive in any other class or maybe you’re learning to drive a new setup. This class is ideal for any of those scenarios. The class will run throughout the entire weekend and is only available to competitors not competing in another class during the event. The only exception would be for competitors running True Street on Saturday. These racers will be able to enjoy Test-N-Tune on Sunday. There WILL be a staging lane specifically for No-Time racers during Grudge Test-N-Tune. When this lane runs the boards WILL NOT be lit.

Class Rules: Other than having an LS or Gen V LT engine, there are no rules or limitations to this class. All NHRA safety regulations for speed DO APPLY!

Frankenstein Engine Dynamics

Late Model Heads-Up

Late Model Heads-Up is an exciting class returning to LS FEST. This class will feature the quickest Late Model LS, and LT powered cars in recent production. This class has been developed to give Late Model owners a place to showcase their cars and builds. This is an all run, qualified field with a touch of grudge action. The “qualifying sheet” will be used for two purposes. First, the bragging rights of being #1 Qualifier and second to determine a potential bye run, for the first round of eliminations. A “PRO” style ladder will be used for eliminations until we are at 8 cars or less. From that point forward, when called to the lanes, all remaining 8 contestants will draw a numbered chip and return to their vehicle. The contestants that hold matching numbered chips will pair up and race. Lane choice will be determined by chip draw during these rounds. Each corresponding round going forward would employ the same process.

¼ mile

.400 Pro Tree

Late Model Heads Up Rules

Street King

Any vehicle, including all 5th Gen Camaro, C7 Corvette or any full bodied vehicle, powered by a GM LS-style (or current generation LT) power plant permitted. Dragsters, Roadsters and Altered style cars prohibited.

All races are on a .500 Pro Tree and in an index format. Indexes will be on .25 breaks and be from 8.00 – 11.00-second et. This will be an ALL RUN qualifying format. Rental cars prohibited. Vehicles are required to be stock appearing and stock bodied. All vehicles MUST pass NHRA safety inspection for ET and speed. Vehicles must be driven to staging and to scales, can be towed after scales. Trans brake permitted.

LS Fest Street King Rules EAST

Three Pedals

Rumble (Index)

Any vehicle, including all 5th Gen. Camaro, C7 Corvette, or any full-bodied vehicle, powered by a GM LS style (or current generation LT) power plant permitted. Dragsters, Roadsters, and Altered style cars prohibited.

All races are on a .500 Pro Tree and in an index format. Indexes will be on .25 breaks and be from 11.00 – 15.00-second et. This will be an ALL RUN qualifying format. Rental cars prohibited. Vehicles are required to be stock appearing and stock bodied. All vehicles MUST pass NHRA safety inspection for ET and speed. Vehicles must be driven to staging. Delay boxes and trans brakes are prohibited.

Rumble Index LS Fest

: During Holley’s LS Fest Bowling Green, KY (11-13 Sept),  Torqstorm will give away a supercharger at each event to participants in the Torqstorm Rumble Class. The participant with the best package—that is, driver’s reaction time and deviation from dial-in—in the first round will win any single system TorqStorm centrifugal supercharger available, valued at $2,800.

10.5 Warrior Index

This is an index style class designed to show case the GM LS/LT Engine, for participants wishing to run a heads up start 10.50 Index. Any make/body vehicle permitted. Must be powered by a GM LS style or LT power plant. Racing seats are permitted. Rental Cars Prohibited from Competition.

10.5 Warrior Index Rules

Cam Motion

True Street

True Street is a heads-up class designed for fast streetcars. All entries will participate in a 30-mile cruise, and then head back to Beech Bend to make some passes down the racetrack. DOT-legal tires, working lights; horns, and other street-oriented safety equipment will be required. All vehicles powered by a GM LS or current generation LT style power plant permitted.

True Street only entries receive Grudge Test n Tune, free of charge, for the remainder of the event after True Street is completed on Saturday.

True Street LS Fest East Rules

Stock Block Shootout

Stock Block Shootout will feature 1/8th mile heads-up racing where cars are required to have factory GM production engine blocks. No aftermarket, LSX, or Chevrolet Performance blocks are allowed. This class will be an excellent display of what these engines are really capable of on a relatively low budget! Cars will be limited to a 28/275 tire, no W’s allowed. Door cars/trucks only, no dragsters or altered’s. Payout and Rules can be seen below.

Winner gets $2,000!

Runner-up gets $500!


LS Fest East Stock Block Shootout Rules


Monster Clutch CO,

Stick Shift/Banger Class

This is sure to be one of the most entertaining groups of cars on the property! Like every other class at LS Fest, these cars must be LS or Gen V LT powered to compete and are also required to have a clutch assisted “H” pattern shifted transmission. Other than the transmission and clutch restrictions, this class is unlimited! All NHRA speed/time safety rules will apply.


$1000 Winner

$500 Runner Up

$250 Semis

$100 Quarters

LS Fest 10K No-Time

LS Fest continues on with it’s No Time Shootout in 2020! This will be a simple “run what ya brung, and hope ya brought enough” heads up 1/8th mile “no-more” prep race at the end of racing on Saturday night. This race is intended for 275/10.5 door slammers. If you’re interested in joining us for this class, there are limited entries on a first-come, first-serve basis, and you must be entered in Grudge Test-N-Tune in order to participate. Oh, and MUST BE LS OR GEN V LT POWERED!

LS Fest X N/T Rules

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