Drift Challenge

Holley’s LS Fest Drift Challenge consists of skilled drivers and their vehicles competing in tandem competition around a predetermined course to decide a winner. Drivers are evaluated by a panel of three judges that decide who advances to the next round based on three criteria: line, angle, and overall style. It is a fantastic event that allows drivers to showcase their talent and compete for a $1,500 purse and great publicity! Second and third place gift certificates for Holley brand products will be given in $750 and $375 product certificate.

In addition to the first place cash payout and gift certificates mentioned, each podium finisher will be supplied with a custom engraved LS Fest wheel from Grip Royal. And the list goes on. The winner will be receiving a brand new set of Fortune 500 coilovers, and their choice of a set of Cosmis Racing wheels.

It doesn’t matter what make and model the vehicle is as long as it’s powered by an LS engine and is sporting the right safety equipment (see rules below for more information on safety). If you are interested in putting yourself up for selection in this invitation only event please send an email to driftchallenge@holley.com containing the following information: your name, address, phone number and car year, make, model. Send photos of your vehicle’s exterior and engine compartment. Then tell us (in 200 words or less) why you should be chosen for the challenge, and what professional skills/qualifications you have that will help you compete. Better hurry, as we’re only accepting a select amount.

Deadline for entries is September 1st, 2017. Let’s get those fingers typin’!

Click for Drift Challenge Rules

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