The Holley LS Fest Drift Challenge is a one-of-a-kind event. Even with its traditional competition format, the Drift Challenge at Holley LS Fest is the only engine-specific competitive Drift event in the world!

A vast range of drivers, teams, and builds come from all over North America to participate in this event.

Podium finishers are awarded with over $2,500 in cash, Event Trophies, Holley gear,

and custom-etched trophy steering wheels provided by Grip Royal!

There are even more prizes available from Fortune AutoKansei Wheels, and Simpson Race Products along with outstanding content creation opportunities and event coverage.

For well over a decade now, LS Fest has grown in reach to cities like Las Vegas, Nevada, and Fort Worth, Texas. For this one, we’re bringin’ it back home to Bowling Green, Kentucky!

It doesn’t matter what type of vehicle you have; if it’s rear-wheel drive, meets our Tech and Safety Requirements, and is powered by an LS or current generation LT variant, you’re eligible for competition! All you need to do is apply HERE and provide the required information. Once you have submitted, your registration will be pending approval by the Drift Challenge Team. Spots are always limited so, don't waste time!


Click here for the

Drift Challenge Tech and Safety Requirements