Ever wish you could be a kid again? Well now you can!

Bring a Power Wheels along with your mad driving skills to LS Fest East and take part in our LS Fest Power Wheels Downhill Challenge! We had a blast trying this out last year and have decided to add this as a permanent component to the LS Fest experience!

Anyone 18 years or older can compete in a downhill format race. There’ll be lots of rubbin’, bumpin’, and racing excitement as you challenge your competitors to find out who has the fastest gravity-powered car. Hold on tight, this isn’t your typical kiddy ride! Spots are limited so, register now!


  • All participants will have to sign a waiver of liability before competing
  • Participants must be at least 18 years of age and have a valid state ID or government-issued photo ID
  • DOT-approved or motorcycle helmets are required
  • Participants must provide their own Power Wheel vehicle and all safety equipment
  • You are required to wear long pants, closed-toed shoes (no Crocs or slip-on), and a sleeved shirt (no tank tops or wife-beaters). Although optional, we highly recommend wearing a long sleeve shirt and gloves.


  • Vehicles must have at least 3 wheels, sorry no bicycles!
  • All electric motors MUST be removed
  • Batteries MUST be removed
  • No added ballast or other weight other than your beer gut!
  • Wheels must be stock plastic or plastic with the rubber strip in the middle, no solid rubber or steel wheels, bearings, or modifications to the wheels or axles are allowed (we will be inspecting!).
  • Pushing off with your feet and hands is allowed from the green starting line until the nose of your car crosses the yellow line, any pushing with hands or feet after you have crossed the yellow line will result in an automatic disqualification.
  • No drivers shall make contact with another driver or their car either with their hands or feet! If you do, you will be disqualified.
  • Rubbing is racing folks, rubbing, bumping, and nudging are all allowed, whether it’s intentional or accidental!
  • We will do a Le Mans style start with 6 cars in each heat race. There will be a maximum of 6 heat races with the winner of each heat race advancing on to the main event race.
  • Each driver will be located directly across the track from their car and upon the start signal will have to run across the track to their car to start the race.


  1. All power wheels racers will need to check-in NO LATER THAN 3:00 PM Friday with their race vehicle at the CAR SHOW tent. If you do not check-in by 3:00 PM you will be bumped down the list.
  2. All participants will have to fill out a waiver and driver information at the CAR SHOW tent.
  3. Ballots for best power wheels vehicle will be accepted in the red ballot box at the car show tent up until 3 pm so get your car there early for voting.
  4. The power wheels with the most votes will receive a trophy after the main event race.
  5. Make sure your car is assigned a number after it has been through tech (this is done at the same time you register).
  6. Be at the starting line with your vehicle and all safety gear for check-in by 4:30 pm (see map). If your name is called and you are not present or you do not have all your gear you will be dropped from the race.
  7. The first heat race starts at 5 pm sharp at the top of the hill.
  8. We will run up to 6 heats with up to 6 cars per heat. The top finisher from each heat race advances on to the Main Event race.
  9. Once all heat races are completed we will run the Main Event race.
  10. After the main event race, we will award prizes for the Main Event winner, Best in Show, and Best Costume/Theme award.
  11. All award winners and heat winners will get a voucher for a free t-shirt or hat from Holley World.
  12. After the main event race, we will do a “Free For All” run. All participants (up to 30 possible) that did not make the main event race can enter the “Free For All” race.