Bolt-on Challenge Details


Holley and BOXO Tools are pleased to announce the BOXO Tools Engine Bolt-on Challenge along with some awesome prizes! This year LS Fest staff are opening up the competition to more than just two teams. The challenge has changed to a time trial format, allowing individual competitors to compete against one another for time. BOXO staff will be manning the engine swap tent throughout Friday and Saturday at LS Fest. Starting at noon on Friday, multiple teams will have the opportunity to compete against one another and the clock to see who can post the fastest time. Holley & BOXO will have two identically prepped LS engines on site. Teams will compete against one another, removing factory parts and swapping them over to more engine swap and horsepower-friendly Holley brand components (including but not limited to engine swap oil pans, intake manifolds, valve covers, headers, etc.). While we will be declaring winners against each team that faces off together and distributing some free swag/promo items, we will also be awarding some major prizes for the top three fastest overall times on Saturday afternoon, at the close of the competition.


  • To keep the comp structured so that most car enthusiasts can compete, the competition will be centered around installing parts on the exterior of these engines, and will not require the installation of crankshafts, cylinder heads, or camshafts.
  • All fasteners are required to be installed and tightened so that they are fully seated to keep the competition fair across the board. Torquing fasteners to a specific spec will not be required.
  • Two teams (one person per team) will compete against one another in this competition. Pairs can compete against one another but they won’t count for the post-event toolbox prizes.
  • Both teams will have engines, all accompanying parts, and BOXO tools provided.
  • Every contestant starts (stands) on the opposite side of the engine away from the toolbox when we start the contest. We’ll mark a spot on the blacktop.
  • The engine stand can not be moved from the original set position.
  • The engine can not be rotated on its side or upside down, and must stay in the upright position.
  • No Pre-Stacking of the tools (Pulled out of the foam prior to the start).
  • Teams MUST install ALL parts provided.

About BOXO Tools:

BOXO has manufactured Tool Storage Solutions at their Taiwanese manufacturing facilities for over 40 years. BOXO is proud to be family-owned and managed with second-generation leadership steering the company into the future. The BOXO team controls the production process from the initial design phase through manufacturing and quality control to ensure all products meet BOXO’s high-quality ISO standards. A Direct-to-consumer business model allows BOXOusa the ability to provide “High Quality, Professional and Mobile Grade Performance Tools and Tool Storage Solutions, at a price point the enthusiast can afford and be proud to own.” Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty, BOXOusa products deliver a lifetime of use Save & pride of ownership to the end-user.