Do you think your ride handles pretty well? Then put it to the test on the QA1 autocross course! The autocross is a low speed competition designed to highlight the handling, acceleration and braking of your ride. The wide sweepers, tight hairpins, chicanes, and slalom sections of the course will keep your adrenaline pumping from start to finish. The autocross package includes two autocrosses: one set up inside of Beech Bend’s 3/8 mile oval track and a second autocross at the NCM Motorsports Park skidpad. You’re guaranteed to enjoy a lot of track time over the course of three day event. Please see below for classes, rules, and safety requirements!


Autocross Rules:

In order to drive competition down through the field, awards will also be given for various time classes to be determined.  For example, if the course is a 40 second time for the top 10-15 competitors, we will create a 45 second class, a 50 second class and 55 second class.  Those vehicles closest in time to the designated class will be eligible for autocross awards only.  LSFest Grand Champion points will only be awarded to fastest overall times, not the time classes.  Race directors have complete discretion to determine the time classes and how many.

**See tire and helmet description in rules

  1. The registered owner must drive the vehicle for all events.
  2. All drivers will be required to sign a liability waiver. Passengers must be at least 18 years of age and will be required to sign the same liability waiver as driver.
  3. A mandatory driver/passenger meeting will be held prior to the first competition.
  4. Only official wrist banded drivers and passengers may ride in the vehicles on the track/course. No more than one passenger will be allowed and that passenger must ride in the front passenger seat.
  5. All prize-eligible vehicles must represent a street capable vehicle with a strong resemblance to a current or former production model. No purpose-built race cars or kit cars will qualify for awards in the autocross or 3S Challenge event. The only open-wheeled vehicles allowed are ’34-and-older domestic vehicles and replicas thereof. Other vehicles such as production “concept” cars may be allowed.
  6. All competitors must have current registration, proof of insurance, and a current driver’s license.
  7. Each entrant will be issued a number that must be clearly visible on the windshield, side windows or rear window. White shoe polish is acceptable.
  8. Participants must use DOT approved street tires. Tires will be required to pass a technical inspection at the track. Street tires are defined as any treaded, non-competition tire with a 200 tread wear rating or higher.
  9. Competitors must use a single set of tires for the entire event, no tire changing between events will be allowed. Tires will be marked during tech. Tire changes will be allowed in the event of a catastrophic failure, but replacements must be of the same manufacturer and model as those approved during tech inspection.
  10. Helmet use is required (SA2010 or newer) for both drivers and passengers. The autocross course design will attempt to keep speeds below 45 M.P.H.  Drivers and passengers must provide their own helmets and motorcycle helmets will not be allowed.
  11. Participating cars must pass a basic safety inspection that will include but may not be limited to the following:
    • Functional seatbelts.
    • Proper brake pedal pressure and travel.
    • Sufficient throttle return spring and secured battery.
    • All lug nuts in place and tight.
    • Hubcaps/clip-on center caps are to be removed.
    • All loose items must be removed from vehicle. (Floor mats, things hanging from rearview mirror, cassettes, CDs, and glove box, console, trunk items.)
  12. Each segment of the event will be timed to 0.00.00. There is no maximum number of runs. Winners will be the vehicles with the lowest time.
    • A :02-second penalty per cone moved out of its box will be assessed during the autocross.
    • A DNF penalty for exceeding the finish line stop box may be assessed during the autocross
  13. A shootout between the quickest five vehicles will be held. The fastest combined three (3)lap times is the autocross shootout champion. Normal penalties will be in place.
  14. Race director and event organizers will have COMPLETE discretion to deny or remove from competition anyone in the event for any reason.
  15. The autocross and 3S challenge may be run rain or shine at event organizer’s discretion.

The Autocross event will count toward the Holley LS Fest Grand Champion award for competitors who compete in Drag Race, Autocross, & 3S Challenge.

* Event organizers reserve the right to change rules and class descriptions up to event time to promote fair and safe competition.

Autocross Payouts: 

  1. $250 cash, OPTIMA Battery, jacket
  2. Optima Battery Charger
  3. Optima Battery Maintainer

Chevy High Performance Magazine
Chevy High Performance Magazine – Chevy High Noon Shootout

Chevy High Performance magazine is proud to announce their “Chevy High Noon Shootout” for Holley LS Fest. The High Noon Shootout will offer two individual events throughout the weekend, including an autocross challenge at noon on Friday, and Chevy High Performance Best of Show at noon on Sunday for the Show-N-Shine. Save

The winner of the Chevy High Noon Shootout will receive a $500 Holley Parts Gift Certificate.

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