Do you think your ride handles pretty well? Then put it to the test on the QA1 autocross course! The autocross is a low-speed competition designed to highlight the handling, acceleration, and braking of your ride. The wide sweepers, tight hairpins, chicanes, and slalom sections of the course will keep your adrenaline pumping from start to finish. The autocross package includes two autocrosses: one set up inside of Beech Bend’s 3/8 mile oval track and a second autocross at the NCM Motorsports Park skidpad. You’re guaranteed to enjoy a lot of track time over the course of the three-day event. Please see below for classes, rules, and safety requirements!


Update  5/17/2021: Starting at LS Fest East 2021, the Kumho V720 ACR tire will no longer be allowed at any LSFest event. Please plan accordingly.

Autocross Rules:

In order to drive competition down through the field, awards will also be given for various timed classes to be determined. For example, if the course is a 40 second time for the top 10-15 competitors, we will create a 45-second class, a 50-second class and a 55-second class. Those cars closest in time to the designated class will be eligible for autocross awards only. LS Fest Grand Champion points will only be awarded to the fastest overall times, not the time classes. Race directors have complete discretion to determine the time classes and how many.

  1. Only the registered participant may drive the vehicle.
  2. Each segment of the event will be timed to 0.00.00. There is no maximum number of runs. Winners will be the vehicles with the lowest time.
  3. Any cone moved out of its box or knocked down will be assessed a two-second penalty during the autocross. Any cones that are touched after the finish timers will result in a DNF of that run.
  4. A runoff between the quickest five vehicles may be held, time permitting. The fastest combined time of three laps will determine the winner.
  5. Race director and event organizers will have COMPLETE discretion to deny or remove from competition anyone in the event for any reason.
  6. The autocross may be run rain or shine at the event organizer’s discretion.
  7. The autocross event will count toward the Holley Grand Champion award.

The Autocross event will count toward the Holley LS Fest Grand Champion award for competitors who compete in Drag Race, Autocross, & 3S Challenge.

Click here to learn more about LS Fest Grand Champion classes and rules.

* Event organizers reserve the right to change rules and class descriptions up to event time to promote fair and safe competition.

Autocross Payouts: 

  1. $250 cash, OPTIMA Battery, jacket
  2. Optima Battery Charger
  3. Optima Battery Maintainer
High Noon Shootout 
The Autocross Shootout will pit the five fastest autocrossers at LS Fest against one another in a shootout to establish who is fastest among them on Saturday at 5:45 p.m. This will include all grand champion classes (late model, vintage, and truck).

The winner of the Shootout will receive a $500 Holley Parts Gift Certificate.

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