Desert Launch

We’ve just added a unique event to the schedule that is sure to impress. Dirt Alliance Dirt Tour is bringing 8-10 long travel pre-runner style trucks to LS Fest West along with drivers that are ready to send it! A large jump will be constructed within the same dirt track that will contain our Off Road Challenge. There will be several opportunities to see these trucks hit the ramp and send it right in front of the stands. When they aren’t airing it out over the jumps make sure to head over to the Dirt Tour booth in the Off Road paddock, and see for yourself just what it takes in terms of horsepower and suspension to get these trucks/buggies to land the huge jumps you’ll see throughout the course of the weekend. Refer to the schedule of events to ensure you don’t miss out on the opportunity to see Dirt Tour Desert Launch during LS Fest West.

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