Bolt-On Challenge


Holley and BOXO Tools are bringing the LS Bolt-On Challenge westward to Vegas for 2021 along with some awesome prizes!

This year LS Fest staff are opening up the competition to more than just two teams. For 2021 the challenge is changing to a time trial format that allows single competitors to compete against another for time. BOXO staff will be manning the engine swap tent over the course of Friday and Saturday at LS Fest. Starting at Noon on Friday, multiple teams will have the opportunity to compete against one another and the clock to see who can post the fastest time.

Holley & BOXO will have two identically prepped LS engines on site. Teams will compete against one another, removing factory parts and swapping them over to more engine swap and horsepower friendly Holley brand components (including but not limited to engine swap oil pans, intake manifolds, valve covers, headers, etc.).

While we will be declaring winners against each team that faces off together and distributing some free swag/promo items, we will also be awarding some major prizes for the top three fastest overall times on Saturday afternoon, at the close of the competition.

2021 Prizes:

*Color of boxes may vary.

1st: 217 piece Master Tool Set complete with a 45” box

2nd: 214 piece Master Tool Set with a 26” box

3rd: 185 piece Metric & SAE Hand Carry Tool Set


In order to keep the comp structured so that most car enthusiasts can compete, the competition will be centered around installing parts on the exterior of these engines, and will not be requiring the installation of crankshafts, cylinder heads, or camshafts.

All fasteners are required to be installed and tightened so that they are fully seated in order to keep the competition fair across the board. Torquing fasteners to a specific spec will not be required.

Stay tuned to this page for more rules as this event segment develops.

About BOXO Tools: 

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