Listen up LS Fest West fans! LS Fest event staff are pleased to announce the Best In The West, a unique new award for LS Fest West 2018 participants.

How will the winner be decided? We’re going to let attending media vote. Over the course of the three day event, LS Fest media have the opportunity to drop by the Holley trailer and submit their choice for the participant’s vehicle they think most deserves the title of “Best In The West”. Any vehicle that has been registered as a participant in the event is eligible to win Best In The West, whether it’s been registered as a drag car, placed in the car show, or is out on the autocross or drift courses. The winner will be the participant who received the most votes over the course of the event. Event staff will announce the winner along with our car show awards on Sunday afternoon. The winner of Best In The West will take home a trophy and a $500 product certificate.

How will you know if you’re in the running? If your vehicle has been voted for, a window sticker will be placed on the vehicle signifying you’re in the running for Best In The West. This is the sticker you need to keep an eye out for:


With over 100 media attendees from quality media entities in attendance at the 2017 event, 2018 is slated for even more media coverage. Media outlets like Car Craft, Super Chevy, Chevy High Performance,,,,,, Fastest Street Car, Vette, Auto Revolution,, Xtreme Off Road and more will be in attendance.

Holley LS Fest events are a celebration of anything and everything powered by GM’s incredible LS and current generation LT engines! For more information on LS Fest West please visit the event website or on FB. Then get in the garage and get to work on finishing your project. See you in Vegas!

Notable 2017 media:

  1. Super Chevy
  2. Chevy High Performance
  3. Car Craft
  4. Vette
  5. Auto Revolution
  8. Bangshiftcom
  9. Xtreme Off-Road
  10. Ian and Kevin Tetz from Big Tire Garage
  15. C10talk
  17. Square Body Syndicate
  18. Speed Society
  19. Drag Racer Magazine
  20. C10 Talk
  21. CarsIllustratedMagazine
  22. Tempt Media
  23. Power Auto Media
  24. Kahn Media
  25. Akone Productions
  26. Binwell Designs
  27. Wells Photo
  28. 2 Capture The Moment

For 2018, several YouTube and Instagram personalities are attending:

  1. Cleetus McFarland
  2. The Hoonigans
  3. Hot Rod Garage: Lucky (mobiletechlucky @luckys_garage) & Tony Angelo (@tangelo96)
  4. Terra Crew (@terracrew)
  5. Mullenix Racing Social (@mullenix_racing_engines)
  6. @LSX
  7. Claudia Moreno (@RSTgirl)