Terminator X was designed with the do-it your selfer in mind. It’s an ideal platform for anyone that wants all the benefits of fuel injection with the versatility and tune-ability that only Holley EFI can provide.

Holley’s Terminator X provides lS swap enthusiasts and entry-level racers, a low-cost ECU platform, that’s capable of controlling electronic fuel injection, drive by wire, electronic transmissions and much more. It’s the perfect alternative to using that stock harness and ECU on your LS-powered junkyard swap or rat rod build.

For those of you trying to save a buck by having your stock wiring harness de-pinned and re-wired. That’s great, but then what? You still have a stock wiring harness and you’re stuck with a stock ECU and no live tuning capability. What if you want to change or custom tailor the fuel or timing map? First, you’ll have to pay to send off it to a tuner, pay to have the ECU re-flashed, and then wait for it to get sent back to you. Then if you decide to upgrade your engine components and increase the hp, you have to send the ECU back to the tuner have it reconfigured again, and spend even more money!

That’s not the case with Terminator X and X Max! Both versions are based on the tried and true hardware found in our Dominator and HP ECU’s. Terminator X software puts you in full control and offers the user tuning capabilities. Terminator X circuit boards are fully coated for protection from harsh environments and come wrapped in an impact-resistant high temp composite case. You’ll notice the addition of 8 multi-color diagnostic LEDs located on the exterior of the ECU’s housing. They provide onboard diagnostics to help you quickly troubleshoot critical operating systems including rpm signal, O2 sensor status, TPS calibration errors, as well as crank and cam signal status.

Terminator X may be light on the wallet but it’s rich with convenient tuning features like Advanced tables, target AFR’s, learn tables, and much more. You’ll also get the benefits of 8 high impedance injector drivers and a built-in 1 bar MAP sensor. There are 4 inputs and 4 outputs which can be connected to the ECU via a harness that uses the same pin assignments as our existing Holley EFI systems do.

Terminator X makes the install simple by using a harness that plugs directly into the factory sensors found on your engine. We also offer injector harnesses for multiple injector designs. The built-in 1bar MAP sensor is perfect for naturally aspirated and Nitrous engines, but if big boost is your thing –Terminator X allows you to easily disable the onboard MAP sensor and connect to an external 2 ½ bar GM sensor. GM P# 12592525.

Unlike some of our competitors, we offer true boost control! Not only can you adjust timing and target AFR’s, we offer capabilities like boost vs time, boost vs rpm, boost vs speed, and boost vs gear, to provide you true boost control for single or dual wastegates. We also have boost pressure safeties, multiple 2-step strategies, rich and lean safeties, launch boost targets, launch retard, and staging assist.

Nitrous is no laughing matter either! With access to 4 pulse width modulated outputs, Terminator X offers you the ability to control wet and dry progressive systems with ease.

Terminator X Max can provide even more bang for your buck by offering you the ability to add a single drive by wire throttle body or transmission control for GM electronic transmissions. Take it a step further and get both features for just a little bit more.

Included with your Terminator X and X max is a full color 3 ½” touchscreen LCD. The touchscreen makes it convenient to tune on the go without a laptop, and the multiple gauge layouts to help you keep track of engine parameters. Terminator X also makes it easy to add our analog-style gauges to your ride, and they’re easily connected to the ECU with just 1 wire! Or you can add a Holley digital dash or race dash with plug and play digital dash support. Custom tuning can also be accomplished using your PC with the purchase of our CAN bus interface harness (part 558-443). The handheld also provides convenient access to multiple calibrations and stores your data logs, which are conveniently saved directly to the SD card.

Terminator X and X max kits include the selected ECU, a Bosch 4.9 WB O2 sensor with a weld-on bung, a 3 and a half inch touch screen LCD, your engine main harness and injector harness as well as an input and output harness. You’ll also get our comprehensive quick start guide.

To learn more about our complete line of Terminator X and X max visit our website at Holley.com.