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Why Do LS Engines Have Steam Tubes?

What are these crazy looking tubes on my LS and why do I need them anyway? In an LS engine, the thermostat is in the water pump housing, which is locating much lower on the engine when compared to the old SBC set-up. With the LS design, the temperature and flow of the coolant are

Fortune Auto On Board Continues Sponsorship of Lucas Oil Drift Challenge for 2019

Powhatan, VA based Fortune Auto Coilovers has been a product sponsor of Holley's LS Fest Lucas Oil Drift Challenge for the last several years, and 2019 is no different. For 2019, Fortune Auto will be giving the winner of LS Fest West's Drift Challenge competition a new set of their 500 series coilover system. These

The Best In The West Award: Does Your Ride Have The Goods?

Listen up LS Fest West fans! LS Fest event staff are pleased to announce the Best In The West, a unique new award for LS Fest West 2018 participants. How will the winner be decided? We’re going to let attending media vote. Over the course of the three day event, LS Fest media have the

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Truck Grand Champion Class Added to LS Fest West & East Events

Holley wants to find the fastest all-around LS or current gen LT powered truck/SUV! For 2018, LS Fest event staff are pleased to announce the addition of a truck/SUV grand champion class for future LS Fest events. This change will go into effect at the upcoming LS Fest West event and carry on to LS

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