We are extremely excited to announce that preregistration for the 2021 Holley LS Fest in Las Vegas, Nevada is now open! If you missed us last year (and we know you did, we saw the posts, the messages, and the videos), then prepare yourselves, because we are returning to Las Vegas Motor Speedway with a vengeance! We aren’t changing up the formula…if you have a vehicle that is powered by a GM LS or modern LT engine, it will be there and you should be too.


You like drag racing? We’ve got classes that range from a grudge/test class for those who just want to have some fun to the wild Monster Clutch Stick Shift/Banger Class racers, the ones who are still slamming their own gears and ripping the tires off after each shift. You like corner carving equipment? Sure, we can satisfy that need as well…our QA1 Autocross course brings out the grip-seekers, and the Baer Brakes 3S Challenge will put them to the test with the speed-steer-stop heads-up racing action that really cranks up the fun. If you want to know who is the best out of the best, watch the LS Fest Grand Champion competition, where racers will have to do it all while on the same set of street-legal tires. One vehicle will even win an automatic invitation to the Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational event!

If you aren’t as inclined to be on asphalt when you’re out playing, then you will be right at home. Las Vegas Motor Speedway has an excellent section of dirt track that will give the residents of Dirt Town a place to play. And yes, there will be jumps. Do you think we could leave out the jumps? There are plenty of desert rats in the Southwest who are ready to air it out for no reason whatsoever.

And that’s not all! The HP Tuners/BangShift.com Dyno Challenge will be present, so anyone who is curious to know how much grunt they have under the hood can get the true numbers. Or, vice-versa, you can get your buddy to strap their ride to the rollers and put to bed, once and for all, the power claims. The automotive lie detector, it’s a beautiful thing.

If you just want to take in the sights of beautiful builds, Hooker BlackHeart and LS1Tech are sponsoring the Show-N-Shine region, that will see a broad spread of vehicle selections, from the early cars and the Muscle era machines all the way up through modern day, including lowriders, unfinished vehicles, and a “Just Because” class…if it’s not a car, not a truck, yet is rocking modern GM power, you can find it here.

But maybe you need a little bit of action…and deviancy. Drag racing a bit too boring for you? Car show putting you to sleep? Have you been going through tire smoke withdrawal over the last few months? We can help you out. The Drift Challenge, sponsored by Lucas Oil and motoiq, will pit skilled drift drivers against each other. But if that just isn’t enough, and you crave the ultimate in lunacy, then there is one more option for you: the Holley EFI Burnout Contest, with none other than Cleetus McFarland himself presiding over the madness. Drivers will bring only two things into the burnout pit: their rides and the nerves needed to keep their engines wound out to the max. You want lunacy? “Go until they blow” is the order of the day here…if the tires aren’t done when your time is up, you must not have tried hard enough!

Holley’s LS Fest returns to Las Vegas April 23-25, 2021, and we cannot wait to see you there!