Holley LS Fest is excited to announce the creation of a Vintage Class competing for Grand Champion honors at The Holley LS Fest in Bowling Green this September 7-9. The class will also carry forward into the West event at Las Vegas Motor Speedway in 2019 and beyond.

Since it’s inaugural year in 2010, LSFest has been growing at a phenomenal rate,  and event staff have paid attention to participant feedback. While LS Fest is designed primarily to be a place where car enthusiasts and fans of the LS engine can go to enjoy their cars and a little friendly competition among peers, it has become evident that something needed to be done to promote fairness in competition when considering the increasing disparity between different vehicles and their capabilities, despite their shared powerplant.

There are now a total of three classes of Grand Champion competition available for selection at LS Fest events. Continue reading below to understand the new class breakdowns.

Late Model Class: All 1990 and newer model year cars (including El Camino).

Vintage Class: 1989 or older model year cars (including El Camino).

Truck Class: All trucks regardless of the year of manufacture.

Grand Champion competition rules are the same for all classes.  Click here for Grand Champion rules –  follow the link.