Due to the current lockdown, we’ve decided to move the date of Holley LS Fest West in Las Vegas. The event will now be held the weekend of June 12-14, 2020 and to beat the heat we have added a twist!

Introducing LS Fest West Under the Lights! All the usual mayhem will ensue, but we’ll be starting late and running late into the Vegas night! It’s gonna be a PARTY! “It was clear that LS Fest attendees didn’t want us to give up on the event and we certainly didn’t want to give up on them. They love the event and we love them for it,” said Bill Tichenor, Holley’s director of marketing and creator of the event. “Vegas is open 24-7, so we figured LS Fest could be as well. It’s going to be radical. We’re coming to party!”

The LVMS facility has great lighting already, but additional lights will be added where necessary to have a great event. All currently registered participants and spectators that have their tickets will carry over to the new date. If anyone is registered, but cannot attend on the new date, we will refund their money. Our event contact is lsfest@holley.com.