When you’re looking for that classic style on your LS-powered hot rod there’s nothing quite like a set of valve covers to change the look and feel of your engine compartment! This is especially true of an LS engine with all the coils and wires cluttering your LS engines look. Holley’s 2-Piece LS Valve covers are just what the doctor ordered! They retain all the functionality in a better-looking package – specifically for LS retrofit applications that don’t want to look LS swapped.

Hide the coils and coil wiring with a set of vintage-style finned or GM licensed valve covers with no need to go through the hassle of relocating coils or buying adapters like other types of valve covers. These fit the 2 most popular types of LS Coils and because they are cast aluminum they are very economical!

Holley’s LS valve covers are offered in a range of styling options including a Vintage Series finned version with a script Holley logo, a finned version with no logo, and a GM licensed version with a script “Chevrolet” logo and classic GM valve cover styling cues. All are available in 5 unique finishes – natural cast, fully polished, satin black, factory orange and gloss red.

Holley’s 2-piece LS valve cover baseplates are standard height, fitting LS1, LS2, LS3, LS6 and LS7 engines with clearance for .750 lift cam with stock style rocker arms. Each baseplate is made with an internally baffled, OE style ventilation system and features oil fill provisions. These fit both Gen I and Gen V LS coil bodies underneath the integrated coil cover. One main wiring harness goes in from the valley side, and the spark plug wires come through holes on the header side. (Please do a demo of 2-piece LS valve cover with 2 Gen I coils and 2 Gen V coils installed (make sure to point out the mounting bosses used for each type of coil body) put on overcover and attach spark plug wires.)

Each 2-Piece LS valve cover set includes a low-profile billet oil fill cap, hardware, and spacers for mounting both versions of LS coil bodies, and 12-point dress-up hardware and grommets for the coil covers.

Make your classic ride look the part next time you pop the hood! Holley’s 2-piece LS Valve covers will give you that clean old school look that every hot rodder can appreciate!

For more engine styling components, make your way to holley.com