Powhatan, VA based Fortune Auto Coilovers has been a product sponsor of Holley’s LS Fest Lucas Oil Drift Challenge for the last several years, and 2019 is no different.

For 2019, Fortune Auto will be giving the winner of LS Fest West’s Drift Challenge competition a new set of their 500 series coilover system. These coilovers are a 24-step, rebound adjustable monotube designed system. They are a rebuildable and modular coilover system, meaning customers are able to upgrade them to remote canisters at a later time if so desired. They also come with a five year limited warranty.

About Fortune Auto: Fortune Auto is one of the few US based suspension companies that actually inspects, assembles and services shocks in the USA. They are the only company that offers this on height/damping adjustable coilovers at their price point. Their shock assembly and service center uses multiple state of the art Roehrig 2VS shock dynos that help calibrate and match all Fortune Auto shocks before being shipped out. They also use the dyno for thorough testing, research, and development of new products before they prior to production.

For more information about Fortune Auto Hand Built Suspension systems, follow the link to their website.