NEW FOR 2018 the Diablosport Side-Show Donut Pit is joining us for LS Fest West at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Those interested can expect to see a whole lotta spinning donuts, burnouts, and getting sideways.

Interested in bringing your own car and participating? Come on out! All you need is be a pre-registered participant at LS Fest with an LS powered or current gen LT powered vehicle. Helmets are required, and no passengers are allowed, but spectators are welcome! Come on out and showcase your style and skill. The Sideshow Donut Pit is taking the action from the streets to LS Fest West with the help of Mr. Chow and Auto Revolution. This will be a legal way for enthusiasts to engage their automotive and driving passion in a way that focuses on fun while keeping safety a high priority.

It doesn’t matter if you’re rocking an autocross car, an off-road trophy truck style rig, or a high horsepower drift car, come on over and spin some donuts in what is sure to be a well attended special event at Holley’s LS Fest West.