Off-Road Experience

Off-Road Experience & Showcase

Prepare to destroy some dirt! LS engines power off road rigs of all types and this year’s LS Fest East is taking the show off-road! Track builder John Goodby of Nor Cal Rock Racing, best known for building the off-road short course at King of the Hammers will be tearing up a section of dirt at Beech Bend Raceway and building out an off-road course for both participants and spectators to enjoy!

Bring out your LS Powered off-road vehicle to play in the dirt at the all-new LS Fest Off-Road Experience! There will be two different styles of courses – one short course for Ultra 4/Pro 2 style race vehicles to air it out and a slower more technical obstacle course for more of your everyday off-road style vehicle.  Any vehicle can try either course however!  We realize big tires, floating suspension, and high-priced builds may not be your thing, so we have you covered.  You can bring literally anything LS powered.  You won’t want to miss the Hooptie X challenge brought in by the Gambler 500 crew.  Check them out at  These timed exhibition racers know how to send it, and they aren’t afraid to cause some carnage and break some parts!

Click here to view the rules for the Hooptie X Challenge.

Got flex? Prove it in the Holley LS Fest Flex Competition. Participants can go head-to-head on the flex ramp to prove whose suspension is really built for taking things off road!

Three different classes will be offered as part of the LS Fest Off-Road Experience (You will pick one during registration):

  • Short Course/Race – Includes short course lapping and racing with other trucks in side by side action (Ultra 4/Pro 2/Pro 4 style race vehicles ), Flex Test, and Obstacle Course
  • Hooptie X Challenge – Timed laps on short course using Hooptie X style vehicles (daily drivers/ junkyard beaters, see
  • Fun Runs – Includes obstacle course, flex test, and single runs on short course just for fun (will have specific scheduled times for using Short Course)

LS Fest Off-Road Experience Rules

If you don’t want to put your ride through its paces, feel free to just park it in our Off Road Showcase for a chance at door prizes and random fun awards judged by the Holley staff!

Registration will be limited, so reserve your spot today! 

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