Holley is pleased to announce that Air Flow Research (AFR) has signed on as the official cylinder head of both LS Fest West and Bowling Green events.

As such AFR will be present at both West (May 5-7th) and East (September 8-10th) events with their race trailer and staff, showcasing their latest developments in performance cylinder heads for GM LS and current generation LT engine platforms.

For over 45 years Air Flow Research has been defining technological leadership in cylinder head manufacturing and flow dynamics. This complete commitment to performance has enabled Air Flow Research’s cylinder heads to find themselves on the fastest race cars and the most powerful street machines in the country. As every engine builder will attest to, the secret to increasing horsepower and performance lies in the cylinder head. Air Flow Research cylinder heads outflow and out horsepower everything in their league.

To find out more about AFR products, follow the link to the website.