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LSX Magazine Sponsors 2nd Annual Hoover Dam Cruise

Are you headed to LS Fest West and looking forward to experiencing breathtaking views along with other LS gearheads? Then you and your LS or current-gen LT powered ride need to participate in LSX Magazine's 2nd Annual Cruise To Hoover Dam! The cruise will be taking place on Thursday evening and will offer participants a

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LS Fest West Lead-Up | Peter Guy’s LS Powered ’56 “Chev” Pickup

Since LS Fest event staff released the news about their truck/SUV Grand Champion class at LS Fest West this year, several cool trucks have been surfacing on social media that will be making a presence in Vegas. One of those is Fresno, Calif. based Peter Guy's 1956 "Chev" pick-up. This truck is shaping up to be

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The Best In The West Award: Does Your Ride Have The Goods?

Listen up LS Fest West fans! LS Fest event staff are pleased to announce the Best In The West, a unique new award for LS Fest West 2018 participants. How will the winner be decided? We’re going to let attending media vote. Over the course of the three day event, LS Fest media have the

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Tire De Fryo Is Back for 2018!

The tire shredding fun is back at LS Fest West in 2018! Join us as we pit several vehicles from various LS Fest event segments (Pro-touring, off-road, drift, drag, show-n-shine, etc.) against one another to see what group can provide the most impressive display of horsepower for the night.  Stay tuned to the event schedule for Cinco

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