The Car Craft Engine Swap Challenge is always a crowd favorite at Holley LS Fest. Two teams working to install LS engines into identical vehicles with Holley, MSD and Hooker BlackHeart exhaust components against the clock is always guaranteed to impress. With the bleachers lined and people filling every gap around the engine swap challenge tent, the stopwatch began counting and both teams started turning wrenches. CJ Durbin and Tyler Sandau from Moline, IL competed against a father and son team Eric Bujnevicie and Austin Bujnevicie from Tennessee to see who could successfully remove their old engine and complete a running LS swap in their third gen Camaros in the shortest elapsed time. As the crowd of spectators watched, eventually the teams stopped turning wrenches and progressed into the wiring phase. Eventually speed, early event prep, and a bit of lady luck favored the crew from Moline, IL. They completed their swap and took the victory. The time? One hour and twenty six minutes. The prize? CJ and Tyler took home the LS engine along with all of the Holley/MSD components!