Holley is pleased to announce that Speedtech Performance has signed a two-year agreement assuming the Autocross event segment sponsorship for the recently announced LS Fest Texas, taking place at Texas Motor Speedway June 17-18, 2022. Speedtech has been a sponsor of previous Holley LS Fest events, becoming known for their Speedtech customer corral and are now are stepping up a level to a segment level sponsorship. At this level, the Autocross segment is the clear choice for Speedtech Performance because of their rich product line of Pro Touring muscle car suspension components. Their range of products are tailored to enthusiasts searching for a modern driving experience in a classic muscle car without changing the original styling of the car. Speedtech Performance will attend LS Fest Texas in June with their mobile showroom, subject matter experts and technical support.

Many Speedtech clients participate in large events like Holley LS Fest throughout the year and LS Fest TX is yet another opportunity for the company to directly support their customers and nurture industry growth. Several Speedtech Performance customers are already registered for the event, with surely more to come now that Speedtech has committed to attending with full support.

About Speedtech Performance: Speedtech Performance offers products for domestic muscle cars from the 1950s up through 1996 including Belair, Trucks, and Pony-Cars. Their products deliver a high level of chassis rigidity, refined comfort, and on-road performance or in competition for GM, Ford and Mopar cars and trucks.   Speedtech Performance have a strong passion for classic muscle cars. These cars had impressive horsepower but when it comes to cornering and braking performance, they are not renowned. Speedtech Performance addresses this with their design and manufacture of chassis and suspension components to make classic muscle cars perform like modern supercars. For more information contact Speedtech Performance at (435) 628-4300.